Welcome to Greys Education Centre

Hospital Education

Hospital Schoolroom, Cygnet Wing
Bedford NHS Trust,
Kempston Road,
Bedford MK42 9DJ
Telephone Number 01234 408456

Secondary Provision

Manor Drive, Kempston
Bedford MK42 7AB
Telephone Number 01234 408477

Primary Provision

Chestnut Avenue, Bromham
Bedford MK43 8HP
Telephone Number 01234 889320

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KS1 and KS2

Pupils come to Grey’s Education Centre at different times in the year and we do not know who is going to join the school and at which time in the academic year. Due to this it is difficult to generate percentages based on pupil progress and achievement. Pupils’ attainment levels are established soon after admission using a range of tests so that base line assessments can be made. Teachers use this information and where available, data on pupils’ prior attainment, to plan Schemes of Work based on the National Curriculum and its expectations.


There are high expectations of pupils and in KS1 and KS2 pupils are expected to make at least average progress in reading, writing and maths based on their personal base line assessments. Pupil progress is regularly monitored and reading, writing and maths assessments are carried out at the end of each half term. Information from assessments is used well to plan appropriate lessons. Pupils know how much progress they are making and marking shows them how to improve via the use of a “next step” comment. Underachievement is identified quickly and support or intervention is arranged.

Assessing Pupil Progress (AP) sheets are used to track progress and to identify targets for improvement. Pupils’ progress towards meeting their targets is assessed regularly and recorded clearly on their AP sheets. When targets are reached, further challenging ones are set.

Part of the transition programme includes using data from assessment and tracking to inform schools about pupils’ attainment and achievement before reintegration.


Key Stage 2

Pupils enter at various times during the year and stay for differing lengths.  We do not know which pupils will be with on roll for the KS2 tests.  Therefore, pupils are assessed in Reading, Writing and Maths upon entry to gain a base line level.  Their progress in Writing and Maths is monitored and assessed using Assessing Progress grids.  Pupils make personal progress from their entry point to their exit point.

List of Subjects:

DT (Cooking)
Forest School