Welcome to Greys Education Centre

Hospital Education

Hospital Schoolroom, Cygnet Wing
Bedford NHS Trust,
Kempston Road,
Bedford MK42 9DJ
Telephone Number 01234 408456

Secondary Provision

Manor Drive, Kempston
Bedford MK42 7AB
Telephone Number 01234 408477

Primary Provision

Chestnut Avenue, Bromham
Bedford MK43 8HP
Telephone Number 01234 889320

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Ethos and Culture

  • Safeguarding of all our pupils, students and staff is paramount
  • We will have the highest expectations of our pupils, promote their independence and support  them to make healthy & successful lifestyle choices
  • Our pupils and students have a voice and the right to be heard
  • We will build effective relationships with our pupils and use our skills to build their self-esteem
  • We will all share responsibility in our endeavours to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of our pupils
  • We will ensure we differentiate and personalise our curriculum offer to optimise the results for each pupil and student
  • We will pursue excellence in all its forms and expect the highest professional standards of each other
  • We are committed to developing our knowledge, skills and expertise as individuals and as a team
  • We will work with integrity in all that we do
  • We will create time and space to reflect on our practice and share our learnings
  • We are solutions driven, optimistic and forward looking.
  • We are free to propose ideas without fear of failure
  • We will encourage creativity in our problem solving
  • We will not tolerate prejudice. Equality of opportunity is crucial – we will not discriminate against anyone in our community.
  • We recognise that we are all on a journey with our pupils and students and the success of our interventions may not be immediate
  • We will ensure that we treat everyone in our community with respect
  • We will always embrace challenges, acknowledge errors and work positively together to identify and deliver solutions
  • Our communication must be open, transparent and effective
  • We will work collaboratively with our community of schools, families and outside agencies – we recognise everyone has a voice
  • We will value the contribution and presence of everyone in our community


For our pupils & students

  • You have the right to be kept safe and a responsibility to recognise this applies to everyone in our community
  • You have the right to a welcoming learning environment. You can help us to keep it that way
  • You are on a journey – the school will support you
  • Staff will always work with you to realise your abilities and potential. We will all share the highest expectations of everyone in our community
  • You believe that there is no limit to what you can achieve – believe it, realise it and action it
  • You understand your potential and your ability to make well considered and healthy lifestyle choices
  • You know that you have a voice and a right to be part of the decisions that affect you
  • We all believe in a tolerant environment where diversity is valued
  • You have the right to talk to someone if you feel that you have been treated unfairly
  • You understand that there are always consequences to what you say and what you do – these can be positive as well as negative.
  • We will all recognise that no one is perfect.  Mistakes will be made.  It is about how you learn from these mistakes and move-on
  • Every member of this community will reflect on their actions and words. We are to be compassionate enough to apologise if appropriate.
  • You recognise that, whatever happened today, tomorrow is another day with the opportunity of a fresh start